Dear students,

Thank you for your strong interest in KU IWC.

Currently, unprecedented numbers of students are applying for KU IWC, resulting in a rapid depletion of dormitory rooms. Although we cannot provide the exact figures as the winter semester dormitory slots have not been confirmed yet, based on the current number of applicants, it appears that both Anam International and CJ I House have already exceeded their capacities when compared to a typical year.

As a result, room assignments will be made in the order of full payment, starting with Anam International and then CJ I House.

※ Students who receive full funding from their home institutions and have sent us a Nomination document are considered to have paid the tuition and dormitory fees.

However, there is no need to worry about not getting a dormitory assignment.

We also have another dormitory called Frontier House (Link) on our campus, and students with delayed tuition or dormitory fee payments, or those who apply for dormitories later, will be assigned to Frontier House.

Thank you for your understanding.

KU IWC Office