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Korea University International Winter Campus

Academic Policy

Grading Policy

The student's academic performance is assessed according to four different criteria: exams, assignments, attendance, and class participation. Generally, course performance is graded on the following 100-point scale:

Grade Score
A+ / A 100~95 / 94~90
B+ / B 89~85 / 84~80
C+ / C 79~75 / 74~70
D+ / D 69~65 / 64~60
F Under 60

Grading at IWC is based on an absolute assessment system.

Please note, for transfer credit, passing grades may vary from institutions.




According to the regulations of Korea University, students may receive an F grade if they miss one-third of the total classes. The method of reflecting attendance in grades varies depending on the professor and course, so please refer to the course syllabus for details.


If students have unavoidable circumstances that prevent them from attending class, they can obtain permission for absence by consulting with the professor in advance, and the professor may request proof of the circumstances. In addition, the professor may recognize attendance through assignments or make-up classes.


For online classes, attendance can be recognized by watching recorded lectures, but please check the course syllabus or consult with the professor in advance.



Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer
Students who wish to transfer KU IWC program credits are advised to consult with appropriate academic officials at their home institution before the program begins. The home institution's academic advisors decide whether a particular IWC course may be applied towards the major or elective requirement.
Procedure Students should determine with the appropriate academic officials at their home institution the correct procedures for credit transfer.
Syllabi Students usually refer to the uploaded syllabus on our IWC course website to determine credit transferability to their home institution. The syllabi of courses will be taken down from the website after the program ends, so be sure to download and print them if you think you would need them in the future.




Once the confirmation period for final grades is over, KU IWC transcript will be sent to students in late February. It will take up to a week for Korean domestic addresses and 3 weeks for overseas addresses. If you need extra copies, please email us at kuwinter@korea.ac.kr. There will be additional charges for DHL or FedEx Services.


In order for students to receive their academic transcript, they must submit an online application before deadline. If the deadline is missed, please contact kuwinter@korea.ac.kr. However, a transcript issuance fee may be charged for transcript requests after the deadline.




All students participating in the International Winter Campus must comply with the regulations of Korea University. If plagiarism, cheating, or other issues are detected, the professor may give an F grade. In the event of any violation of Korean laws (such as personal information protection, disclosure of secrets, inappropriate behavior, etc.), the IWC office may request the student's dismiss, and for students who have obtained a student visa, their visa may be immediately suspended.