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Korea University International Winter Campus


Microdegree is an academic certificate for a specialized field of study issued by KU. The certificate will be issued in the form of a digital badge, and you can use it for your career development.




  • Completion of more than 3 courses in the microdegree program 

     (It is not necessary to take all courses at once, and all courses taken at KU ISC/IWC will be recognized.)

  • Average of B or higher in all courses

    (If you take more than three courses, the grades of the top three courses will be calculated.)



Course list

Course list
# Course Microdegree Title
1 Korean Cinema and Visual Culture

Korean Culture and Society

2 Mass Media and Popular Culture in Korea
3 Media and Popular Culture in Korea
4 Introduction to Korean History and Culture
5 Language, Culture, Society in Korea




Students who register for the microdegree program are eligible for a KRW 300,000 scholarship.

Only international students are eligible for the microdegree and the scholarship.